Tackling Dry Skin

Is the air-conditioning getting your skin down? We often have air conditioning on at home and at work – it’s tough on your skin. In fact your skin can feel tight and itchy and generally uncomfortable. Here’s five secrets to combatting dry skin:

1. Tackle dead skin build-up. If you’re not exfoliating properly you may have an accumulation of thickened, dead skin inhibiting your facial creams from getting to their target site. Start with an exfoliation aligned with your skin type to prepare your skin for hydration.

2. Seek professional advice to select the best moisturiser. Moisturisers are formulated differently and there are various active ingredients in the different products to align with the uniqueness of our skin. Lathering more onto your skin isn’t the answer!

3. Try hydrating from the inside out with water! We get busy, then we tend to avoid drinking water and revert to substances such as caffeine on the run! Not only does drinking insufficient water cause dehydration, we are often choosing diuretics, which further dehydrate our skin. Water is not only essential for hydration of the skin and body, it is absolutely essential for transportation of nutrients and wastes, for kidney health and function, blood pressure control, prevention of constipation. Water also helps with thermoregulation which regulates body temperature via sweating.

4. Increase your antioxidant status to protect your skin from becoming damaged and sensitive from heating in winter.

5. And lastly indulge yourself with a hydrating skin treatment.